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What is the point of growing plants with medical capacity if you don’t put these miracle compounds in products for medical use? That is the reason why we created XanthoCanna. 

XanthoCanna is a mix of Xanthohumol from hops and Hemp based CBD. Both of these compounds are emulsified into water soluble compounds to increase bioavailability (absorption) and efficacy. Then these compounds are added to a pharmaceutical pain cream base clinically proven to drive compounds deep into tissue, and also include 6% lidocaine for deeper pain relief.

XanthoCanna Pain Creams: Our first product to launch is to treat chronic pain. It is a topical pain medication that has been shown to reduce pain from a 7-9 to a 2-3 in less than 5 minutes, and comes in three versions.

XanthoCanna SPORT: The cool sensation of menthol with the heating sensation of capsaicin and camphor mixed with 6% lidocaine and the essential oils of wintergreen and clove. Designed for athletes that suffer from joint pain and muscle fatigue after a hard workout or game. 

XanthoCanna RELIEF: Same formulation as SPORT, but without the heating element. We also changed the scent to what we call “Citrus Mint” where we mix menthol with tangerine and lemongrass essential oil. This is designed for folks that still feel pain and fatigue, but may not enjoy the heating elements found in SPORT. 

XanthoCanna SOOTH: We removed both of the cooling elements of menthol and the heating elements of capsaicin and camphor to make SOOTH, but we still kept all of the other active anti-inflammatory pain reducing compounds in the base cream. We also changed the scent to Lavender Vanilla. This product is used for arthritis for the hands, and for neuropathic pain (surface pain caused by diabetes or cancer therapy). 

The LoneStar XanthoCanna Product Launch & Development:  www.lonestarmedtech.net

This reduction of pain reduces the need for opioid use in most patients.


  • PRE-SUN:  Sunblock with XN and CBD.
  • POST-SUN:  Skin repair with XN and CBD.
  • EUPHORIC:  Sexual health cream for women.
  • ALPHA:  Sexual health cream for men.
  • CLEAR:  Acne product line (XN kills all 56 active acne causing bacteria)
  • AGELESS:  Antiaging medical cosmetic with XN, CBD and stem-cell growth.
  • OMG:  Topical skin cancer cream (XN and CBD kills skin cancer)
  • PRE-INK:  Tattoo skin cream pre-tattoo for pain control.
  • POST-INK:  Post tattoo skin cream to heal and protect tattoo.
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